Travel Informations

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are available in most hotels, cruises, and select restaurants. Both local and international wine and beer can be purchased. The international wine and beer can be purchased. The international brands tend to be more expensive.

Cameras & Video Cameras

Only video cameras must be registered at Cairo International Airport upon arrival. This process takes only a few minutes. There will be a small charge to use both still cameras and video cameras at most museums and sites, including the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. In addition, flashes are prohibited inside most museums and tombs.


Overall, Egypt is a very casual country! However, you may want to plan accordingly for the weather. Day dress should include cotton and breathable fabric clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, and sun block. Shorts are acceptable. Evening dress is smart-casual. A light jacket or sweater is advisable for the months of October – April.

Electrical Current

220 volts is the electrical current used within the country. The 220 volts is a two-pronged plug. Most 5 star hotels provide hair dryers and ironing service. However, if you need to bring an appliance, you may want to purchase an adapter before traveling.

International Telephone/Fax Service

Most hotels have business centers where you can place international calls or fax. You should be able to place international calls in the privacy of your room, however not in all hotels. A more in-expensive alternative is to purchase an international phone card, which are sold at most small shops and vendors.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is available throughout Egypt. If you should require medical attention, please speak with your representative or tour guide for assistance. They will help you to locate a physician or medical center.


Your passport will be collected at your hotel upon arrival. The hotel staff will retain a copy of your passport as a standard procedure upon check-in and then return your pass-port to you once this copy has been made. It is advisable for you to make two photocopies of your passport before departure and store in separate locations while traveling.


The local currency used is the Egyptian Pound (LE). The Egyptian Pound is divided into 100 piastres. Prices can be shown in either pounds (LE 2.00) or piastres (200 PT). Most hotels have a bank on the premises for your convenience. The hotel banks offer a fixed rate of exchange. There are also banks located in most cities in Egypt. Make sure to take your passport with you when exchanging money. Most hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops do accept credit cards. Using your credit card within the local markets (among vendors) is not advisable.


Postage stamps can be obtained from hotel and souvenir shops that sell postcards. Depending on the location you are sending mail to, out-bound mail takes approximately 10-14 days to arrive to its destination.

Shopping/Handy Crafts

Egypt is known for its handy crafts and wonderful shopping opportunities. Gold & silver jewelry, brassware, copper work, alabaster, leather goods, papyrus, perfumes, and hand made woolen or silk rugs are among the long list of goods native to this country. Bartering is a way of life here. Feel free to barter away!


If you decide to venture out on your own, taxis are very affordable and safe. Remember to set the price before you commence your journey and carry the right amount of change if possible, to avoid being taken.


Tipping is a way of life in Egypt! It is advisable to carry small change with you. At restaurants, you can base your tip on 10% of the total bill. Porters, hotel/cruise staff, excursion guides, representatives, and drivers look forward to tips if they have given you a good service.